audit conference

audit conference
audit conference

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting ready for the Respiratory Conference day on the 19th May 2011.

Dear diary:
In the process of getting everything ready for the 19th May. Speakers not only are organised but are really excited about the day.  They have put a lot of work into their presentations. My presentation is centered around drug errors. Although much has been written on the severity of drug errors, there is very little research in the nursing literature, specifically examining methods of dealing with poor medication calculation and the mathematical skills of nurses.

As we know the doctor prescribes the drug, the pharmacist dispenses the drugs and finally the nurse is responsible for administering the medication to the patient. Each nurse is accountable for the preparing, checking and administering, updating her/his knowledge of the medications (too numerous to estimate), monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment, reporting adverse reactions and teaching patients. And yet administering medication is just part of the nurses workload. The nurse has to function in a busy, understaffed, under resourced  department with very little financial reward. Tell me, would this workload have anything to do with staff retention? Here am I rambling again - I am just passionate about the whole process where nurses are administering medication and yet I feel there is very little support for that nurse!!

Getting back to the 19th May, I hope you will enjoy the day. I hope it will be as successful as the day we had for the cardiac conference on the 19th April 2011.

Can I just add that, yes,  I did promise to post up the power point presentations from our successful respiratory conference held last Thursday 19/5/11 - some of the lectures wanted to make some ammendements to thier presentations so, I should be able to post the complete conference notes on Friday the 27th May 2011.

Oh yes, I will have the winning ticket results to our fantastic prize also on that date....Good Luck 

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