audit conference

audit conference
audit conference

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

19th April 2011 Drug Treatment for Cardiovascular Disorders

Greetings again,
Thank you for coming to our conference in St. Michael's Hospital.  
It was great to see you in the flesh, up to then it is all done by emails. I hope the conference brought benefit to everyone, most of all to our patient’s.The subject matter of this conference is of paramount importance. From the successful conference held last year 2010 "Setting standards for medication Management", there has been a demand to provide education in the area of medication administration.

It will be very interesting to see will these coming conferences be as successful as the Cardiac conference we had on Tuesday. Thank you for completing your evaluation sheets. They are very important because this is for the benefit of all nurses. yes, I sound pretentious but why not put our resources together and work together to help each other. 

I hope you will come back and visit us in May -Respiratory, June - Gastric, July- Diabetes, August - Pain and September - urology.  

I am including the power point presentations from the conference as promised.

    Acute Coronary syndrome

 Medication Management pre and post Angiography.
    Cholesterol Medication

    Cardiac arrest
Atrial fibrillation

As soon as I get Ms. Bronagh Travers presentation I will down load it.

The winning ticket drawn is Number 5 !!!
 Can the winner contact me on the St. Michaels email address. Can you forward - on a picture of yourself for the web site?? congratulations >>>>


Colum said...
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Colum said...

Well done Suzanne. You did a fantastic job organizing last Tuesdays conference 19th April. I thought the day was very well planned. You've organized very interesting lectures. I admire your innovative work - supporting nurses. I really found your lecture very interesting and stimulating -well done. I was delighted with the day and look forward to the 19th May with the Respiratory Conference. Thank you again. Keep up the good work!!!!