audit conference

audit conference
audit conference

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drug treatment for Diabetic Disorders

On the 19th July last we held a conference which was focused on nurses working with patient with diabetic disorders. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of different aspect in diabetes. To share good practice in relation to the support offered by the diabetic nursing team to community and acute healthcare settings.
 The conference addressed the following themes:
  1. Insulin therapy - covering areas that are frequently asked by nurses I.e. choosing injection regimens/ devices; correct injection techniques; the safe disposable of used sharps; self examination of injection sites and lastly but important, the complications and how to avoid them.

2. Hypoglycaemia - what is involved; the risk factors; classification; signs and symptoms; the treatment of hypo's and again lastly but equally important -  prevention of hypoglycaemia.

3. Treatment of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. How the cornerstone treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM) is diet and exercise. DM is a progressive condition that will progress to the need for oral hypoglycaemic and in time insulin. How with careful exercise and monitoring of diet will delay the progression of the condition.

4. Knowing what to eat is one thing but to be brought by the hand (not literally) through the supermarket is a fantastic idea. The do's and don't of shopping gave us very practical advice.

5. The importance of foot care opened our eyes into the world of podiatry. A service that is relatively new but with such a demand from patients there is plans a foot for further development the service.

6.  I invited Ann Duffy from the Clinical Indemity organisation to talk about the state claims agency. Ms. Duffy talked about the reporting system,  "The STARS (data base) web site". The types of medication incidents that have been reported and more about the need for open disclosure following adverse events.

The mode of presentation was mostly by PowerPoints and a discussion group.  You are invited to download the following presentations.
The agenda for the 19th July 2011.


The feedback from the conference was very positive. A big thank you for all that made the day possible.