audit conference

audit conference
audit conference

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pain conference on the 19th August 2011.

The second last conference was held last Friday - 19th August. I must say we had an excellent line-up of presentations. To start the day, I discussed the objectives of the six conferences and how education on drugs is a necessity for nurses. Where medicines are prescribed by the doctor and dispensed by the pharmacist, but the responsibility for correct administration rests with the nurse!!

The first lecture of the day started off with Lynn O'Connor MSC, CNS Pain Management from the Beacon Hospital, Dublin. Her lecture was titled; "Medication choices related to assessment". Here Lynn discusses: how to consider the individuality of each patient/person in pain; How important it is to gain the best understanding possible of the intensity and nature of the patient's pain, the awareness of the WHO analgesic ladder. Lastly, to reassess the patient's pain management in order to determine the effectiveness of the analgesia.  

The second lecture was given by Maeve Kinsella MSC, H dip Pain Management BSc, CNM 1. Her lecture was on "The Classification of Pain", describing in her lecture - The definitions on; How pain happens; the classifications of pain and the nursing priorities.

The third lecture "Pain Assessment" Jeane Barber CNS Palliative Care RGN, RCN, RM. H. Dip Palliative Care, Dip Gerontology, BSc, and MSC. Her power point presentation will be posted at a later date. Just to add I have included Jeans' presentation today.
The following two lectures were given by Maire Murray Chief pharmacist, St. Michael's Hospital. Regrettably, she chose not to be videoed or have her slides posted on line (as was of course her right).

After lunch we had Dr. Maeve Nolan, D. Clinical Psych, Spinal Injury Team, National Rehabilitation Hospital. Her talk was on ‘The psychological impact of pain and psychological approaches to pain management'. Maeve discussed the Psychological impact of pain; Psychological with all that its complexity and then she discussed the approaches to treatment for chronic pain.

The next lecture I was proud to introduce my sister Elaine. Elaine CNS Acute Pain management, RGN, RCN, BSc and MSC in St. Vincent’s University Dublin 4. She lectured on ‘What is Acute Pain’? The Pain Pathway / Types of Pain. Acute Pain Management: The Multimodal approach: Acute Pain Pump, PCAs, Epidurals, Paravertebral Analgesia, Spinal / Intrathecal Analgesia.

The final lecture of the day was presented by Ann Duffy from the Clinical Risk Advisor, State Claims Agency. Clinical Indemnity Scheme. Ann talked about her role as a Clinical Risk Advisor, The CIS –‘who we are and what we do’, the STARS Web site, Medication incidents and lastly, open disclosure following an adverse event.

The last lecture was cancelled due to lack of time. Here I was going to do a brief version of the 'WHO' ‘Patient safety Workshop’ - learning from error. This is a video that shows a chilling event where after a drug error that has harmed a patient, (has occured), we as healthcare workers we ask, how did this happen? The objective of this workshop was to understand the extent of the problem that faces health-care workers and patients. 
The last task of the day is to collect the post survey and the evaluation sheets. I provided a survey questionnaire before and after the conference, this is to find out whether the education we provided on the day, was of value or not. I also provide an evaluation sheet, to get further information about the day. I must say I was toutched by the very positive feedback we got on the day. The attendees were delighted with the level of knowledge of the lectures and the smooth running of the day.

The Pain Agenda for the 19th August

Medication choices related to pain assessment presentation.


Clinical Indemnity Scheme.

Acute Pain

Pain assessment